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Tehran Art Book Fair


Pansion projects aims at exhibiting a project in Tehran Art Book Fair. This project is created by reviewing and searching for artists who have already published some of their works as Artist Book or book, And trying to bring these works together to have a look at the content, visual forms and subjects. That are presented in this type of art.

Pansion is an independent non-centralized art project space which has started its activities since 2016 in Tehran.Pansion projects focuses on the contemporary art through different media by holding exhibitions, events, conversations and the use of archives.


Artists: Shahrzad Derafsheh, Sanne de Wolf, Nasim Goli, Sofia & Behzad Hatefi, Hamed Jaberha, Tarlan Lotfizadeh, Toeh Meysami, Pier Paolo Patti, Homayoun Askari Sirizi, Behnam Sadighi


Tehran Art Book Fair, the second edition of book fairs organized by Bon-Gah [Artist-run and independent publisher] will take place in Tehran in September 2019. Over the course of three-days, Tehran Art Book Fair provides a platform for publishers, art institutions, curators and artists, as well as individuals and collectives who are dedicated to the medium of book. The fair is accompanied by a range of discursive programs such as artist talks, panel discussions, and workshops.

_ Opening: Wednesday - 25 September , 12 PM General Visits: 25-27 September , 12 - 17 PM Location: Bon-Gah Studio - Keresht More info:

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