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TK-21 LeRevue n°90



A possible dialogue with Orient of art : ”Roots”, an art project can be a new way of cohabiting between the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. More to see in the future in TK-21 LaRevue.


Art is a special means for changing people’s thinking and the books are the best way.

Tehran considered like a first step of a large cultural project, with a political and social character that wants to overcome the ideological borders that today are shrinking, multiplying and fragmenting the idea of the future, through the learning and knowledge sharing.

A city full of contradictions and suggestions, fascinating for its social complexity. It is the capital of a big country, with many details and interpretations ; a melting pot of ancient cultures, traditions and religions, it represents the fundamental place to enter the intertwining and balances that have in the past sculpted today’s Iran, a leading country for the entire Middle East.

The Project focus is to create books, to rebind pages together, pages which tell different stories, and starting from the Tehran with research of new partner of project. Food wraps, pictures, notes, textiles, photocopies, packaging, fragments of documents, drawings that - bound together in volumes - tell a new story.

The opportunity to spend a month in Tehran and start the project there was made possible thanks to a contest won - the "Artist in residence" - instituted by the IGAV institute, Kooshk Residency, Embassy of Italy in Tehran and EUNIC.

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