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OPEN STUDIO_Roots #study01

ROOTS #study01

Open studio -


Teheran - Iran

28 dicembre 2018 | 16.00 - 21.00


Art is a special means for changing people’s thinking and the books are the best way.

Tehran considered like a first step of a large cultural project, with a political and social character that wants to overcome the ideological borders that today are shrinking, multiplying and fragmenting the idea of the future, through the learning and knowledge sharing.

The Project focus is to create books, to rebind pages together, pages which tell different stories, and starting from the Tehran with research of new partner of project.The project target is a library building composed by fragment of different origins and sources; materials used by associations, Ngo and institution working in pacific people’s cooperation’s section.Food wraps, pictures, notes, textiles, photocopies, packaging, fragments of documents, drawings that - bound together in volumes - tell a new story.

The “book” considered as an object gathers itself the sense of divulgation: transferring, teaching, saving learning and knowledge.A choral work which tells in different ways, the harmonious cohabitation between people, respect for man, pacific cohabitation among different religions and many cultures. Possible actors to be involved: associations and institutes that work in the “coexistence between people” sector, migrant flows and human rights. Pacifist movements, NGOs operating in military or social conflict areas, culture centers, civil and administrative institutions, refugee reception centers.

The project aims is to be continued, extending to all Mediterranean area, subsaharan Africa, Palestine, Syria, investigating the relationships between involved people, the change of migration flows, and the balance between Orient and Occident.

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