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FOOD AS A SOCIAL MACHINE Exhibition on the public transport stops

of Samara



The Central Volga Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)

Сurator - Nelya Korzhova


During the summer of 2017 we are pleased to present the next exhibition of our multi-year project "Street as a museum, a museum as a street". This time, the focus of the project's attention is the theme of food. Food - the first association with the Factory-kitchen, a large mechanized public catering enterprise in the 1930s in the USSR, and now a monument of constructivism in Samara, on the basis of which our branch was established. In the era when kitchen factories were being created, the word "feed" meant also to instill a new idea of the life order. In our time, this trend is gaining momentum again. The main innovations in the distribution of food (as well as other resources) of the last century lie in the field of mechanization and advertising. Factories for making food and its promotion in the mass media have merged. People should trust the advertisement before they know the taste. Our project itself works on advertising media, in this it is a surprise and a good opportunity for dialogue with the viewer, who is offered a free product where traditionally there is a sale.

Since June 1 at the pavilion of the city's pavilions, you can see the first ten works of artists from Russia and Europe, out of twenty selected on the basis of an open competition, which we conducted in March. The total audience of viewers of the project can reach up to 5 thousand people a day.


Jinon Avior (Israel), Yuri Albert (Russia), Stefano Bergamo (Italy), Dmitry Bulnygin (Russia), German Vinogradov (Russia), Oleg Elagin (Russia), Leyla Karipova (Russia), Johanna Carlin (Sweden), Sergey Katran (Russia), Olga Kisseleva (France), Edith Lajos (Germany), Pier Paolo Patti (Italy), Vito Pace (Italy), Vladimir Potapov (Russia), Natasha Steinert (Russia), Zoya Falkova (Kazakhstan), Thomas C. Chung (Germany), Ellen Skafvenstedt (Sweden), Henrik Ekesiöö (Norway).

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